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Check the specifications and your usage requirements to buy the right personal protective equipment. Wear masks according to advice given by medical professionals and WHO.

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How KN95 and N95 Masks Differ From Each Other in Function, Use and Standards In the present COVID-19 world, people are searching for taking every essential step that can reduce their vulnerability of getting infected with Novel Coronavirus infection. Masks, which were once seen as only a necessity for only certain and critical situation and environment, have become a great protective gear for all. Whether you are an individual walking to the nearby store, a worker in a plant, a healthcare official, or anyone else, wearing the mask has been advised and recommended to ensure you keep yourself protected against viral infections.


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COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for us all. Although these are hard times, let’s make sure that they aren’t unsafe, and at the same time, they aren’t restricting as well. We at KN95MASKFINDER want to make sure that you and your family are safe and enjoy things as you wish with full freedom. It has become our duty to keep as many Americans as possible safe from the virus and for that, we have a wide range of premium quality Personal Protective Equipment, by the likes of 3M NIOSH Approved N95 respirators and KN95 masks in our inventory, that is ready to be shipped out at a moment’s notice from our facility, whether as bulk orders for your staff or small personal orders for your family or even just for yourself.

The pandemic has shown us that there was a severe shortage of PPE supplies and other medical equipment throughout the country, so we are trying to do our part by allowing everyone with increased access to high-quality protective equipment at the best price. We hand out PPE to our local communities to reduce the spread of the virus whenever we can so more Americans can stay safe from exposure.

Things to bear in Mind

Made in USA: Ensure that you order products specifically mentioned being made in the USA as an American made item will reach you in one to three days instead of taking weeks, while simultaneously helping the livelihoods of Americans. Our range of 3M masks does the trick quite well. It is high quality, fit for use, NIOSH certified, manufactured, and developed in the United States of America. PPE is being imported from Asian countries like India, China, and Vietnam, which takes significantly more time to arrive at your doorstep. The shipping itself takes two to three weeks, and it can get further delayed by getting stuck at customs.

Stay Informed: With a lot of fake news circulating on social media and some particular news channels, it is essential to stay up to date with the rapidly developing facts and research knowledge about the fast-moving pandemic. Be sure to be subscribed to science magazines and several dependable news sources, so you don’t miss out on potentially lifesaving or just helpful information. Also, remember to check out the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s website frequently. They are the primary source of reliable incoming info that becomes available to citizens from other sources. As situations proceed, you should be informed which areas to not venture into and which areas are safe to hang out in.

Quality: Our range extends from Nitrile Sterile Gloves, N95 masks, and 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizers to everything you can imagine when it comes to high quality, reliable PPE. Our 3M range is entirely the Federal Drug Administration approved. However, if an item is FDA approved, it merely means it is registered with the FDA and not necessarily fit for professional Medical use. Keeping this in mind, we can proudly assure you that our 3M products are entirely fit for clinical use, and you can trust them blindly.

Staying Healthy: All gyms and parks are closed down to contain transmission as much as possible. This can lead you to follow a sedentary lifestyle, which is not the way to go as it directly hampers your immunity. It is essential to keep working out, whether at home, even with limited means, or taking brisk walks around your neighborhood. One more paramount thing is to take care of your diet and to eat food rich in vitamins and micronutrients. However, being healthy isn’t limited to merely staying fit. Please note that it is essential that you always carry a 50 or 100mL bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all places, using it to disinfect any meaningful surfaces and your hands over and over again to keep the virus at bay. Although disposable masks are an option, we advise you strongly to wear N95 masks or KN95 respirators, especially in places where you might encounter a lot of people or while going to meet your friends. Disposable masks are useful only if you are venturing out alone and won’t be coming close to anyone else, like while going out for a morning jog.

Our Part: We believe one should always give back to the community that we are a part of, develop a healthy relationship with the people of the community, and make new friends. Our products keep our community safe since they are distributed throughout the country. Still, they are also probably keeping frontline workers in your community or county safe, and we take immense pride in that.

The Frontline products – N95 and KN95 Masks

People in public spaces procure various ways of social distancing. Yet all of this is moot if there isn’t something available to you to protect you from someone else who may come closer than 6 feet or even you come across just the suspended particles in the air which may contain the virus. Hence the masks are of vital importance, and we at KN95MaskFinder, acknowledge the importance of it.


Our N95 masks are clinically proven to effectively turn down the inhalation of corrupt air into our respiratory systems. Even after wearing them all along with the global pandemic and coronavirus outbreaks or any other respiratory diseases or in any areas of air pollution, the masks haven’t left their productivity and can be reused. Talking of one of the best respiratory worn cloth, N95 masks are made for all adults and young children who seek protection from the unwanted airborne particles being inhaled. This mask is specially made to prevent children from inhaling dangerous and unhealthy germs present in the air.

Just like installing water filters in our homes, which gives us filtered and clean water to drink, N95 masks also have a layering, which consists of a filtration component that gives away clean air for the user to inhale. Other than essential filtration like a water filter, N95 has the added protection of an electrostatic layer that quickly catches 95% of medium-sized airborne particles (0.3-micron particles). Hence the name, N95.

These masks are worn around the mouth, which also covers the nose. Its correct usage that is completely covering the mouth and nose without any openings of the mask enhances its great layering of filtration to perform its functions effectively. Therefore, our masks are also designed to feel comfortable wearing it for long periods, with minimum discomfort, while covering your nose and mouth completely.

This mask is different from other cloth masks as it not only prevents the wearer from outside unhealthy germs getting in but also doesn’t allows the wearer himself to spread their germs in the world. The usage of N95 masks is practical until the inner filtration layer starts to moisten. After the filtrated layer begins to moisten, the mask doesn’t hold its effectiveness as before and is not of any use. As these masks are not manufactured to wash them at home, it should be replaced as soon as the most part begins to develop, preventing the growth of unhealthy and dangerous germ particles within the inner layer itself.

N95 masks also help its users prevent them from various pathogens like flu germs and foreign materials like asbestos dust, fiberglass shavings, and pollution spread from airborne diseases and chemical residues which further dismantle their immune systems.

So, all-in-all N95 masks are eight-hundred-pound gorillas that supply a formidable boon.


The same manufacturing and designs are used for KN95 as for N95 masks. The only thing that is differentiating both the masks is the national standards they are manufactured and used.

The KN95 masks are the Chinese model of the N95 masks. These masks are specially designed for children and adults, worn all over the mouth and nose. They protect an individual from dangerous airborne particles present in the environment and unhealthy viruses and diseases which are potentially caused due to the presence of germs in the hazardous materials.

KN95 masks are disposable and prescribed not to be worn again if the inner filter becomes moist or the user has exceeded the eight hours limit.

As mentioned before, the masks must be worn appropriately on your face to prevent any leakage. To be certified as a KN95 mask, the Chinese government requires the manufacturer to run mask fit tests on real humans with ≤ 8% leakage. The N95 mask standard does not require manufacturers to run fit tests.
Another difference between N95 and KN95 is that N95 masks have slightly stricter requirements for pressure drop while inhaling. That means they’re required to be slightly more breathable than KN95 masks.

Why prefer online ordering

During these times, where a global pandemic is in peak, going outside, even for health care products, is not safe. Because of which online platforms are created and are at your convenience whenever and wherever you need them.

The advantage that online stores and platforms provide to their customers is that it is far more convenient and safer than physical shops. Therefore, the majority of the population has shifted towards online shopping.

N95 masks are a must for your loved ones, and all family members that you are thinking are close to you, and their safety is a prime issue to you.

Functional and Specification Difference Between N95 and KN95 Masks

The chart below will let you through a detailed difference on how the KN95 masks and N95 masks differ in specifications and test requirements. The certification process takes into account different aspects of mask design, use and functioning in varied environmental and its performance. Understanding the in-depth specification differences will help you know which one suits your needs.

Certification / Class (Standard)N95 (NIOSH-42CFR84)KN95 (GB2626-2006)

Filter performance –
(must be ≥ X% efficient)

≥ 95%

≥ 95%

Test agent



Flow rate

85 L/min

85 L/min

Total inward
leakage (TIL)* –
tested on human subjects each performing exercises


≤ 8% leakage
(arithmetic mean)

resistance –
max pressure drop

≤ 343 Pa

≤ 350 Pa

Flow rate



Exhalation resistance
max pressure drop

≤ 245 Pa

≤ 250 Pa

Exhalation valve

Leak rate ≤ 30mL/min

Depressurization to 0 Pa ≥ 20 sec

Force applied

-245 Pa

-1180 Pa

CO2 clearance


≤ 1%

KN95 and N95 masks are both designed in the same basic structure, work usually same, are rated for 95% filtering efficiency. There are a certain differences between these two as detailed above. However, for protecting against bio-aerosols (virus), PM2.5 particulates and more pollutants and contaminants, both are quality and you can use any from these to keep yourself safe and protected as possible as you can.

Ensure that when you are opting for any of these, KN95 or N95 masks that fits tightly around your face, leaves no gaps and provide suitable breathing convenience.

Are KN95 Approved in USA?

Although KN95 are Chinese standard GB 2626-2006 masks, they are approved by US government for use. Whereas, the N95 masks are US standard NIOSH-42CFR84. As both masks perform and function similarly filtering with efficiency of 95%, reducing contamination from particles and droplets that are more than 0.43 micron in size. This is where these filtering face piece respirators have become a key personal protective equipment to keep safe by filtering bacteria, viruses and smoke.

When you are shopping for N95 masks but aren’t able to find those, you can confidently buy and use KN95 masks as these both are rated for 95% particulate filtering and function at most similarly. Both of these masks are developed to be used for same purpose. Although make sure that the KN95 masks sold by the retailers are developed by a FDA registered manufacturer. You should be wary of avoiding fake or unscrupulous sellers; for this you can also check out tools to ascertain if the product is genuine or not.

How to Spot a Mask that is NIOSH-Approved?

An NIOSH approved mask should have the design and feature as detailed below in the exterior markings of a filtering facepiece respirator:

Credits: https://www.cdc.gov/


How a KN95 Mask is Created? How a KN95 Mask is Created?
To ensure the 95% filtering efficiency, the KN95 mask is designed in a multi-layer format. KN95 masks come in 4-layer design including surface layer, fabric layer, inner layer, and particle layer. The outer 2 layers are melt-blown, suitable to filter out small airborne particles. The other two layers include respirator and a layer that absorbs moisture. The respirator is the component what sets the masks specifically apart from general surgical masks.

How to Wear and Remove the Mask?How to Wear and Remove the Mask?

How you are wearing and removing the mask is very important in keeping you safe from viral and bacterial contamination. Make sure your hands are fully washed and sanitized and the mask is disinfected before you wear that. Wear by wrapping the strap around the ears and ensure that the mask covers the face from over the nose right to your chin, enabling it to fit tightly with no gaps.

Before removing the mask, wash your hands thoroughly and always remove it by pulling the bottom strap from the back through to the top strap. Do not ever touch the front of the mask as it can hold harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.

Regulations for Mask – Which US State Follows What Policy and Rules

Stepping out of your home? Amongst all other things what’s the most important thing you can’t miss to forget to put on – Your face Mask.

With the world reeling under the Coronavirus Pandemic, it can be easily said that what seemed a simple precautionary measure in just hospitals and key risky areas is now a new normal – you would see every other person wearing a mask when out in public.

Significance of Wearing the Mask in Present Times

With the risk and virus contamination prevailing the entire world, what it is that can keep your exposure low to the virus? Wearing a mask. The mask helps us lower the exposure the airborne particles, water droplets from coughs and sneezes, and other ways you can contract a virus from another person, especially when you come in close contact with someone. Respirators, surgical masks, face masks; al have become an integral and important part of our protective care gear that could prove vital to keep us safe from the contagion.

What CDC Recommends Regarding Wearing the Mask?

While there have been political-angle controversy surrounding what World Health Organization (WHO) has said time and again thorugh this year; Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is one source of rich and quality information that you can always rely on.

Apart from anything related to the virus, its symptoms, preventive measures to all you want to know about masks, you can check with the CDC visiting: https://www.cdc.gov/

The basic guideline from CDC for your protection from the virus is simple – wash your hands frequently, practice social distancing and wear a mask in public, especially where social distancing isn’t possible. According to CDC, there are compelling reasons that state wearing a mask can slow the spread of the coronavirus, and wearing a mask in public is something that is very vital step to follow.

What the Federal Rule or Policy is Related to Wearing a Mask?

At present, there is no federal mandate that requires people to wear a mask. While the federal government has also propagated first two recommendations from CDC, the third one i.e. wearing is a sticking point. This has been left to the individual states and cities to decide whether they want their residents to wear face coverings in public or not.

Ever since that, states have followed on in the development as per their understanding and prevailing conditions. Some have mandated wearing of mask, while some not. Some followed the suit after seeing a surge in cases, while some are still looking to bring that into effect.

So, where does leave that you? What kind of policy does your state follow related to wearing of mask in public? If you constantly travel from one state to another, or planning such, then being aware of what the state guidelines are would prove very useful to you.

Here, based on our research and assessment, we have come together with a compiled information about where different states stand regards to wearing of face mask.

What Specific Policy Different US States Follow Related to Wearing a Mask in Public?

Key Points to Take:

 – Out of 50 US States, 46 have some sort of order in place related to wearing a mask in public place.
 – More than half of US States (approx. 50 states) have mandated masks to be worn in public places, along with counties, business premises and city public areas.

There is, at present, different situation in each state related to face covering mandates, and we bring you the highlights from each state for you to be aware and follow:

(Last Updated: 08-Aug-2020)

State-wide Mandate – No

Phoenix and some other cities in the cities have mandated use of face mask in public places. Click here to know more.

State-wide Mandate – No

Only the city of Anchorage has a mandate to wear face covering in public, there isn’t any specific state order, but urge towards that. Read Alaska health department’s mask guidance.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

With effect from July 16, 2020, people are now required to wear a face covering in a public place, over age 6 in indoor public places, in public areas with more than 10 people gathering, along with school students from second grade and up. Here is Alabama’s updated mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

With effect came from July 20, 202o for people in public places, except children under age – 10. No more about Arkansas’ mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Everyone is required to wear a face mask, both indoor as well as outdoor public place, with no permitting for face coverings with a valve. The rule exempts children under age 2. Here’s what the California’s guidance for using face coverings is.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

All people are required to wear a face covering in a public place, including public transportation and ride-hailing services, especially where maintaining a social distance of six feet isn’t possible. Children in child-care setting and under the age of 2 are exempted. Know more about Connecticut’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

With effect from July 17 for up to at least 30 days, only children under age of 10 are exempted. Go through the Colorado’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Exempting children in age group 2-12, all older people are required to wear a face mask when in a public place or business premise. Read the state’s guidance for face coverings.

City-wide Mandate – Yes

Excepting children under age 2, all are required to wear face coverings in public places, common areas of condo and apartment complexes and business premises. Read the District’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – No

There is only recommendation but no mandate to wear face coverings in public places where social distancing isn’t possible. However, some counties and cities have mandated wearing of mask specifically in public places in their jurisdiction. Read the state’s public health advisory.

State-wide Mandate – No

People are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings in public places, but there is no order state-wise. Here are state’s mask recommendations.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

It is essential for everyone to wear a face covering in any type of public settings. Here is the state’s COVID-19 emergency order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

If you are over age 2, and medically fit to wear a face mask,  it is essential for you to wear a face covering in a public setting, especially when unavailable to maintain 6-feet social distance. Read the guidance on public mask use.

State-wide Mandate – No

Only few major cities, including capital city Boise mandates wearing of face covering in a public setting. Read the Idaho’s COVID-19 resource page.

There is no specific sate order on wearing face masks in public places, and according to Governor the cities and counties which do that stands invalid. Read the state’s guidance on face coverings.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

In effect and in place for at least a month, the order states that people cover their faces when in public places, especially school properties for grades 3-12. Read the state’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Applying to people over the age of 5 everyone is required to wear a face covering in public places. The counties, however, can opt out of the state law’s gubernatorial health directives. Know more about the Kansas’ mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

In places and incidents where there is a high risk of COVID-19 transmission, face coverings for people are essentially required for all over age 5. Read Kentucky’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

It is mandatory for all above age 8 to wear a face covering when in a public place. The govt. encourages children in age group 2-7 to wear mask when necessary. Read Louisiana’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

The state requires every one over age 2 to wear a face mask when out in a public place, especially where social distancing is not possible. Learn more about the Massachusetts’ mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

In public settings and public places, including businesses people are required to essentially wear a face covering, enforcing them strictly. Read the Maine’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

When in “crowded outdoor spaces, and in public places, people over age 4 are necessarily required to wear a face covering. Businesses are required to deny entry or service to those who aren’t wearing a face mask, albeit with a few exceptions. Learn more *about the Michigan’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Marylanders over age 5 are required to wear face masks whenever they step out of their home, and in every public place. Read the Maryland’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

All the residents of the state are required to wear masks in public, outdoor spaces and in retail stores. The state order is in effect for at least by the mid of the August 2020. Learn more about the state’s COVID-19 guidance.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

All above age 5 are required to wear face masks in public settings, except if there are social distancing measures are maintained, as well as if only a single person in an office or cubicles with walls above. Read the state’s mask order and face covering rules.

State-wide Mandate – No

Except for some cities and counties like Kansas City and St. Louis having their own face covering orders, the state as a whole has left the decision up to the individual. Read the state’s mask guidance.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

The executive order on July 15 states that people over age 5 to wear a face covering in any public gathering and setting where social distancing isn’t possible. Learn more about the Montana’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – No

While the counties are allowed to create their own orders, the essentiality to wear the mask applies to only staff engaged in salons, barber shops, and other personal-care domains. Know more about the state’s COVID-19 guidance.

State-wide Mandate – No

The people engaged in serving people in personal-care businesses are required to wear face masks, while all others are recommended to wear face coverings when outside their homes. Read on the state’s mask recommendations.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

All people over age 9, albeit a few exceptions on certain grounds, are required to wear face coverings in any public space. Read on about the Nevada’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Anyone over age 2 is required to wear face coverings in all the indoor as well as outdoor public spaces. Know in details about such reading New Jersey’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

The state which was the most hit in the country has an order in effect that requires everyone, medically capable, and over age 2, to wear a face mask when in a public setting. Learn about the New York’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

The state required to wear face masks when in a public place, even when exercising in a gym, with violators required to pay hefty penalty. Read about the New Mexico’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – No

The state opened after the lockdown with the Gov. assuming no need to issue a mandate for face coverings. The people and businesses are only recommended to follow the norms when there is no social distancing in place. You can get to know more the state policy in place reading ND Smart Restart plan.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Barring a few exceptions, all people over age 2 are required to wear face masks when in any public place. Learn more through North Carolina’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

The recent directive from the Governor applies to people over age 10 to wear a face mask when in an indoor or outdoor public space, where maintaining 6-feet social distance is very hard. You can read the mask order here.

State-wide Mandate – No

Even when the Governor tested for the COVID-19 himself, the state doesn’t have a mandate for wearing face masks. Only a few cities, such as Tulsa have ordered for mask requirements. You can read the state’s COVID-19 guidance here.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Barring children under age 5, all others are required to wear face coverings in a public place, included indoor and outdoor gatherings. Read the state’s face covering guidance here.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

The state’s mandate requires people of age over 2 to wear a face mask when in a public setting, indoor and outdoor areas. Pennsylvania’s mask order here will give a better understanding.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

If people are not able to maintain six feet of social distance easily and comfortably, then all over age 2 are required to wear face coverings when in a public place, indoor and outdoor. Read Rhode Island’s mask order here.

State-wide Mandate – No

The state only recommends wearing of face masks in premises and settings where there is high risk of community based transmission and social distancing measures can’t be maintained. Read more about the state’s COVID-19 information page.

State-wide Mandate – No

While there is no mandate, the govt. still strongly encourages people to wear face coverings in public places. However, some cities in the state have mandated wearing face masks in public settings. The state’s COVID-19 guidelines for businesses will provide you more details.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

All the counties, except the few having 20 or fewer cases are required to follow the mandate of wearing face masks in public. However, some counties have opted out of the order and aren’t enforcing that. You can know more about Texas’ mask order here.

State-wide Mandate – No

The government only encourages people to wear face masks but there is no mandate towards that. Only a few jurisdictions have mandated this like Memphis and Nashville. They have also released detailed health and corona related Tennessee’s COVID-19 health guidelines.

State-wide Mandate – No

Wearing face masks is only mandated in K-12 schools, government facilities, and Salt Lake and Summit counties, while other in places people are encouraged to follow proper precaution and care. Read the state’s guidelines pertaining to protecting yourself from COVID-19.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Anyone over age 10 is required to wear a face covering when out in any public place and gathering with exceptions for schools and day-care centers. Learn more about Virginia’s mask order.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Effective from August 1, the state requires people over age 2 to wear face coverings in public places. This mandate will be in place through at least August 15, 2020. COVID-19 Recovery Resource Center will provide you more details.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

Whether indoor or outdoor public space, people are required to cover their faces if they aren’t able to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. Read the state’s Guidance on Cloth Face Coverings.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

People of age 9 and above are required to wear face masks when maintaining the social distancing is not possible. Read West Virginia’s mask order here.

State-wide Mandate – Yes

The new mandate of requiring everyone to wear a face mask (people of age 5 and over) has come into effect this August 1 and will be in place till at least September 28, 2020. Read the full details here related to mask order.

State-wide Mandate – No

While the governor has supported the recommendation for wearing face masks in public places, but still has issued no orders regarding such. Local authorities and public settings are required to enforce their own restrictions. Read the state’s mask recommendations here.

All the restrictions and policies are in place until the state authorities decide to modify or change them. Do keep checking with your city authority or state guidelines to know about the latest orders and recommendations in place.

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